The Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences is home to the creative and strategic minds driving the industry forward. With a worldwide network, we empower, celebrate excellence, and preserve the enduring significance of marketing creativity and strategy in the ever-evolving world of entertainment, from TV/Streaming, Video Games, Sports, Music, to Film. Our mission is to honor marketing and creative excellence, nurture growth and inclusivity among industry professionals, and enrich our cultural landscape.
Community can’t be scripted — but it can be thoughtfully designed. We’re a global collective of marketers and creatives united by a shared desire to innovate, captivate, and inspire. G.E.M.A. is a place to launch your career, hone your craft, and share your knowledge of an ever-evolving landscape. Join us to connect with the people and ideas that shape not just your future, but the future of entertainment marketing.
Innovation is the driving force behind the world’s greatest entertainment marketing. That’s why G.E.M.A. is evolving with a greater focus on empowering our members to achieve new heights in their careers, making this more than a place to gather and celebrate. This is a stage to reconnect, rejuvenate, and uncover the inspiration that moves our industry forward.
The Executive Committee serves as a pivotal link between the Board of Directors and the organization's day-to-day operations. This dedicated group not only advises and prioritizes issues but also offers invaluable guidance and oversight. Their involvement is instrumental in steering the organization towards success while ensuring that all decisions made align harmoniously with the G.E.M.A. mission, vision, and strategic objectives.
Linnea Hemenez
Former SVP, International Marketing - Starz
Alan Beard
CEO - Synonymous Technologies
Scott Edwards
Awards Committee Officer
EVP, Creative Advertising - Fox Entertainment
Kendrick Reid
SVP, Executive Creative Director, Brand Creative - BET Networks ViacomCBS
Stacy La Cotera
President & CEO
Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Gibbons
Chair Emeritus
President, Creative, Strategy and Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing - FX Networks
Andy Baker
VP, Marketing - Disney+
Our vision and values serve as the guiding principles behind every action we take. That's why our Board of Directors hold a central position in guaranteeing that every executive decision aligns seamlessly with our shared mission: to foster creativity, honor excellence, and shape the future of entertainment marketing. They chart the course for a sustainable future.

ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON! We are thrilled to introduce, in the coming weeks, new board members who embody marketing leadership across  music, film, video games, TV, streaming and sports.
Stephen Bruno
Vice President Film Marketing
Amazon MGM Studios
Pia Barlow
EVP Marketing
Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu
SVP, ESPN Creative Studio
Michael Engleman
Chief Marketing Officer
Tracy Grandstaff
SVP, Creative Director, Original Productions
NBC Entertaintment
Deanna Gravillis
CEO & Co-Founder
Gravillis, Inc.
Rich Kim
Global Head of Media, Consumer Insights, and Marketing Performance
Amazon Prime Video
MyKhanh Shelton
Former SVP, Equity and Inclusions
Chris Van Amburg
Former Head, Film & Television Marketing
Apple TV+ / Apple Original Films / Apple Studios
Jacob Weinreich
Chief Marketing Officer
TV 2 Denmark
Shannon Willet
Chief Marketing Officer
Linnea Hemenez
SVP, International Marketing
Alan Beard
Synonymous Technologies
Scott Edwards
EVP, Creative Advertising
Fox Entertainment
Kendrick Reid
SVP, Executive Creative Director, Brand Creative
BET Networks ViacomCBS
Stacy La Cotera
President & CEO
Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Gibbons
President, Creative, Strategy and Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing
FX Networks
Andy Baker
VP Creative Marketing
Announcements for the Honorary Board of Advisors are coming soon
Meet the team that turns ideas into reality. Our committed staff plays a crucial role in supporting the board, its committees, and its task forces. We turn board policy, and strategic direction, into actionable steps that foster community, creativity and honors excellence. While we may be a small team, our dedication shines as we show up each day for our valued members.
Stacy La Cotera
President & CEO
Scarlett Aamodt
Vice President, Advancement & Partnerships
Da Shiek Woodard
Vice President, Awards Development & Operations
Chris Pursell
Vice President of Community and Partnership Development
Lydia Albanis
Senior Manager, Membership & Programs
Paige Albiniak
Director, Editorial
Hannah Auslander
Coordinator, Awards
Ron Casa
Director, Finance & Business Operations
Michael Chewning
Manager, Awards Process & Compliance
Isaiah Cruz
Intern, Marketing
Megan Doughty
Graphic Designer
Nichole Harris
Executive Assistant
Kayla Karlsson
Project Manager, Marketing & Creative Services
Sergio Ortega
Director, Europe Industry Relations & Executive Producer of Content
Chika Osuchukwu
Coordinator, Membership & Programs
Angie Panelo
Director, Latin America & U.S. Hispanic Relations
Eileen Rasnake
Director, Awards & Event Operations
Wolfgang Thiele
Our History
Our industry isn’t static, and neither are we. Journey through the rich history of G.E.M.A., rooted in the dynamic world of entertainment marketing.
How It Began:
The organization's origins can be traced back to 1956 when a group of visionary sales and promotion managers, gathered for lunch at the Kungsholm Restaurant in Chicago. During this meeting, they conceived the idea of establishing a professional promotion association to address the emerging needs of the broadcast promotion and marketing industry. This gathering led to the formation of the Broadcast Promotion Association (BPA).
The primary purpose of the BPA was to provide a platform for professionals in the entertainment marketing and promotion field to collaborate and share knowledge. In their first letter to their peers around the United States, they expressed the desire for an organization that would allow members to learn from each other about various aspects of the industry, including ratings, audience engagement, promotion strategies, merchandising, and other related challenges. They believed that such an organization would benefit everyone involved in the field.
Over time, BPA underwent remarkable transformation. This evolution included its official status as a nonprofit 501(c)(6), the development of award competitions to honor and celebrate outstanding work, an expansion of its international reach, and the eventual transition into the Promotion Marketing Executives, Broadcast Design Association, better known as PromaxBDA. This pivotal shift marked the integration of strategic and design marketing and solidified its reputation as a prominent global association dedicated to professionals in the realm of entertainment marketing.
Today, we proudly embrace the name, The Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences (G.E.M.A.), as our own. Within our organization resides a community of the most imaginative and strategic marketing experts in the entertainment field. Our identity is more than just a label, it embodies the significance of our members' work— at our core we are a platform that celebrates the art and science of marketing – a wonderful convergence of data analytics and insights into human behavior with compelling storytelling and design. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to celebrating the wide array of creativity, innovation, and brilliance that defines global entertainment marketing. This commitment now home to the achievements in Film, Music, Video Games, Sports and beyond!