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Opens Summer 2024
Explore a Whole New World

It’s time we honor the marketing mastery that propels gaming to the forefront of entertainment innovation. The Global Entertainment Marketing Awards celebrate the strategic ingenuity that levels up the gaming experience by bridging realities and turning every video game into an adventure.

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For decades, we’ve recognized and celebrated unparalleled excellence in Television/Streaming. Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re welcoming achievements in Video Games into the fold. Join us and be part of the legacy that shapes the future of video game marketing.

Video Game Competitions:
Opens Summer 2024

Exciting news, Global Video Games Competition information to be announced soon! For more information please contact:


Feb 1, 2024
Celebrating the Spectrum of TV/Streaming

From the airwaves to the digital realm, the Global Entertainment Marketing Awards recognize the breakthrough campaigns that captivate viewers and shape the television landscape, spanning across broadcast, streaming, and on-demand programming.

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Whether you’re an emerging creative force or an industry veteran, this is your stage to shine. Explore campaigns, discover past winners, and become part of a legacy that shapes the future of television/streaming marketing.

TV/Streaming Competitions:


FALL 2024
Turning Movies Into Movements

Embark on a cinematic journey with the Global Entertainment Marketing Awards, where we honor the campaigns that ignite curiosity, drive box office success, and fan the flames of fandom around the globe.

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We are honored to recognize exceptional achievements in the world of Film. Join us in this momentous celebration as we pay tribute to the work and extend our utmost respect to the creative and strategic minds behind extraordinary film marketing.

Film Competitions:
Opens Fall 2024

Exciting news, Global Film Competition information to be announced soon! For more information please contact:


Opens Fall 2024
We Don’t Make Music. Just Hits.

From rising stars to number one hits, the Global Entertainment Marketing Awards spotlight the marketing brilliance that transforms artists into icons and albums into cultural sensations — striking all the right chords with fans across the globe.

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For decades, we’ve recognized and celebrated unparalleled excellence in Television/Streaming. Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re welcoming achievements in Music into the fold. Join us and be part of the legacy that shapes the future of music marketing.

Music Competitions:
Opens Fall 2024

Exciting news, Global Music Competition information to be announced soon! For more information please contact:


Opens Fall 2024
To the Spots That Fill Stadiums

Join us in celebrating the iconic campaigns that capture the spirit of competition. The Global Entertainment Marketing Awards honor the marketing prowess that fans the flames of fandom, turning every match into a cultural event — from living room couches all the way to the stands.

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For decades, we’ve recognized and celebrated unparalleled excellence in Television/Streaming. Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re welcoming achievements in Sports into the fold. Join us and be part of the legacy that shapes the future of sports marketing.

Sports Competitions:
Opens Fall 2024

Exciting news, Global Sports Competition information to be announced soon! For more information please contact:

Prepare Submission Materials
Review the category list and carefully prepare submission materials that showcase excellence. This includes gathering relevant work, data, and creative content suitable for the chosen category.
Complete the submission process by filling out the entry form, including all required materials and paying any required submission fee.
Await Judging and Results
After submission, the materials go through judging by a diverse panel of industry experts, leading to the selection of finalists and winners.
participate in the awards SHOW
Each competition culminates in an awards show. This event celebrates outstanding achievements in entertainment marketing, providing networking opportunities and public recognition for the work submitted. It's an opportunity to connect with industry peers, gain visibility, and celebrate success in the dynamic field of entertainment marketing.
We have a storied history of hosting prestigious awards competitions for entertainment marketers worldwide, encompassing Television/Streaming, Film, Music, Video Games, and Sports.
Welcome to the stage where brilliance shines. The Global Entertainment Marketing Awards serve as a distinguished platform to recognize and honor the groundbreaking work that amplifies entertainment worldwide. These prestigious awards are a testament to the creative minds that champion the relentless pursuit of novel ideas, the courage to break boundaries, and the excellence that underpins impactful campaigns. Each award tells a narrative of outstanding achievement in storytelling, design, and strategic planning, encompassing the cinematic splendor of film, the captivating stories on television screens, the immersive realms of video games, the adrenaline rush of sports, and the soul-stirring melodies that echo through music.
The Global Entertainment Marketing Awards represent the ultimate accolade, a symbol of prestige that spotlights the brilliance and breakthroughs across the dynamic world of entertainment marketing. Reserved for the apex of industry excellence, these awards are not just celebrated; they are actively pursued as their allure propels recipients to the peak of industry recognition. Receiving this award is both an honor and an invitation to inspire, set new standards, and leave a lasting mark in this competitive field.
Worldwide Acclaim
For decades, we have recognized and celebrated unparalleled achievements in entertainment marketing worldwide, with regional competitions held across six continents. These events serve as platforms for local talent to showcase their exceptional work, demonstrating the universal power of creativity in the industry. Beyond recognition, these events are a gathering of the industry’s brightest minds. With competitions across the world, the Global Entertainment Marketing Awards present a unique opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse cultures and markets, making it a true global celebration of marketing brilliance.
Celebrate your achievements in promotion, marketing, and design by honoring your award-winning team with the gift of Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Any credited individual of your winning team is eligible to receive an award. Due to high demand, statue production and personalization will take 6-8 weeks to complete. For questions, contact
$400 for members
$500 for non-members
$50 Domestic (within the USA)
$85 International
NOTE: Shipping costs charged for each statue ordered, taxes may also apply.
Entry ID Entry Title Place Competition Credited Company Category Order Duplicate
Play Media
First Name Last Name Job Title Company
Do I need to include a marketing objective with each entry?

Yes — the marketing objective is helpful in many instances, especially when it comes to judging. Things to include: intended purpose, creative direction, promo results, and other essential information required for specific categories. This field cannot be left blank when saving an entry, nor can it be edited once an invoice has been generated for your entry.

How do we upload digital materials in the form of JPG, WEB, or PNG files?

You can submit this content as archived interactive material via video upload.

What entry content can be edited once an invoice is generated?

Once a dedicated entry invoice is created, the launch date and credits can still be altered. Videos and PDFs can also be replaced from the entry dashboard. Select “Modify” next to any entry to edit its content. No entry details can be edited after a competition’s final deadline.

What’s the difference between Credited Company, Company Credit, and Agency Credit?

Company Credit and Agency Credit are necessary to tabulate points for the Of the Year Awards. These fields are only applicable to the following TV/Streaming competitions: North America, Europe, and Global. The Credited Company section is mandatory for every entry across all competitions. The information inputted here will be displayed on potential finalist/winners lists and statues.

How are Of the Year Award finalists/winners determined?

Points are allotted for every win a company or agency receives. 3 points for Gold, 2 points for Silver, and 1 point per Bronze winning entry (Bronze not applicable for the Europe competition as only gold and silver are awarded). The total points are then calculated and compared amongst all entrants.

Why was a category I entered not included with other winners?

The Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences reserves the right to withdraw any category if determined that there is an insufficient number of entries in that category to make it competitive. In the event of withdrawal from a noncompetitive category for which payment has been made in full, participants will receive a credit applicable to the following year’s competition. Please note that no refunds will be provided.

Can I watch any video entries within a competition?

Only winning entries can be viewed within a given competition. These can be found on the winners guide or accessed via the Play Media function on our Order Duplicates/Winner’s Search page.

How can I apply or nominate a judge/juror?

Apply or nominate here.

Are complimentary statues provided after the awards show?

For winning entries, complimentary Gold and Silver statues will be sent to the address listed in the account of the submitting profile. Bronze winners do not receive complimentary statues, but they can be ordered via our duplicate statues order form. Please allow a few weeks after the conclusion of the awards show to receive the complimentary statues.

What is the maximum file size and preferred aspect ratio?

The maximum file size is 500MB per file and the preferred aspect ratio is 16:9. If the original content was formatted 4:3, please provide curtains (black bars on each side typically referred to as pillarboxing) to accommodate for 16:9 playback.

What are the Standard Encoding Specs?

These are general QuickTime specs that should be easily applied within your non-linear editing tool such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. These settings can also be used in QuickTime Pro.


  • Maximum file size: 500MB per file
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Frame size: 1920 x 1080
  • Pixel Aspect: 1.0 - Square pixels
  • Video Codec: H.264
  • Extension: .mov or .mp4
  • De-Interlacing: Always de-interlace any interlaced footage
  • Frame Rate: 25 fps / 29.97 / 30fps
  • Bit Rate Type: Constant
  • Bit Rate Mbps: 8 Mbps


  • Audio Code: AAC
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Sample Rate: 48khz
  • Quality: High
  • Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

NOTE: When naming a file, please do not use spaces or special characters. We suggest using an underscore to represent a space. Example:

What translations are necessary?

Due to the international composition of our judging panels, we must request that all non-English language entries provide English translations/subtitles for judging purposes.

Can I order a duplicate statue from more than one category at a time?

Yes, you can order from more than one category at a time. You can also order and customize up to 9 statues for one winning entry at a time.

If I order multiple duplicate statues, is there a single shipping cost?

The shipping cost is applied on an individual statue basis. This means each statue you order will have its own cost for shipping and handling. For anything shipped domestically (within the United States), the cost is $50 per statue; anything shipped internationally is $85 per statue.

Do I need to include a Tax ID number when ordering duplicate statues?

A Tax ID number is necessary when shipping statues to the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Israel. It is also important to update your account’s mailing address to reflect this if you live/work in any of these countries.

Who can order a duplicate statue?

Your name must be included on the credits list of a winning entry in order to receive a duplicate statue. If you are not listed within the credits, the original entrant must contact us to allow purchase of a duplicate.

Where can I order a duplicate statue certificate?

We no longer offer certificates for purchase. If you need a confirmation letter, please contact and indicate which winning entries you’d like listed. Please note, for any winning entry included within a letter of confirmation, you must be listed in the credits section.

How do I order duplicate statues prior to the 2009 competition year?

Our online database extends back to 2009. For help ordering/locating statues prior to this, please contact for assistance.

Can I purchase a replacement plaque?

Yes, please contact; we will generate an invoice for replacement and provide details on how to replace the plaque. The cost for a new plaque is $23.75 (this includes shipping and handling).

How long does it take for a duplicate statues order to be delivered?

Duplicate statues typically take 6-8 weeks to complete delivery once an order has been placed. Please note, the specified shipping process will not begin until the entire payment has been made for your order.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to
for a one-on-one consultation.